Case Studies and Featured Work

Over the years, Webriculture has had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, spanning from local businesses, non-profits, marketing departments and governments. This experience has allowed us an almost unlimited toolbox when it comes to being able to say "yes" to clients' requests. Below, you'll find high level overviews of the types of projects on which we routinely work.

Case Studies

Digital Workflow Solution

In 2015, a long-time client outgrew their existing workflow system, and as a result we offered up our services to work out an answer to their problem. Our developers and client relation team members worked directly with them to plan a new and improved system, and in early 2016 we rolled out the new workflow. Since then, we continue to support and make improvements, one of which has been to create direct integration between the workflow system and their vendor's workflow system via a secure API.

Print on Demand

Select Impressions, sister company of Webriculture, requested that we design and build a visual solution for non-designers to create quality print-ready PDFs. After researching current technologies, we found and implemented a solution which met Select Impressions' various requirements, such as support for TTF fonts and PMS colors.

With the rendering engine in place, we set to work building a graphical interface which allowed the user to enter text, upload images (which were automatically formatted for the piece), and submit the product into our workflow. To date, this technology is in use with several workflow solutions.

Secure Content Management Solution

We often get requests from clients for WordPress-style websites that allow for easy updates by end users. We support and recommend WordPress websites for clients who understand the importance of security patches and are comfortable with its quirks, but it is not an ideal platform for many of our other clients. In order to provide a cost-competitive alternative solution, we decided to build our own custom Content Management Solution. Our requirements were:

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely flexible in terms of features and content
  • Database-driven
  • Modular design
  • Skinnable
  • Support for multiple users with permissions
  • Less susceptible to hacks that affect other commonly-used CMSs via a unique, unpublished code base

In Mid-2015, we achieved these goals and rolled out our first CMS, which is now in use by multiple clients. We continue to update the core code on a regular basis.

Client/Vendor Integration

At Webriculture it is our desire to ease the relationships between our clients and their vendors. In 2014, we helped a local company win a large account by building a direct integration between both companies' workflow systems. Each system was completely different than the other, so we implemented a web service to handle the integration. This service allowed our client's customer to send requests that are then fulfilled by our client. Additionally, we implemented a custom built fulfillment system that tracks inventory in real time, and uses existing inventory and client statistics to accurately create builds.

Project Management Solution

In 2012, a local company determined that a new digital workflow solution was needed to replace an aging hybrid paper/digital system. In the spring of 2013, our team rolled out the new system, complete with data migration, and has been supporting and improving the system since. Improvements have ranged from further integration with their accounting system, a direct integration with client systems, and entirely new modules for tracking statistics, such as P&L and sales history.